Thank you to my wife, Susan, my family, media team and all those who volunteered and supported me throughout my mayoral campaign. And thank you to all Redmond citizens who voted in this election.

I am honored to serve the City of Redmond as its new Mayor, beginning in January 2023.  My commitment to all of you is to lead well and guide the new City Council as we collectively steer the City through ongoing growth, business expansion, housing solutions, public safety and traffic solutions. 

The new City Council and I are dedicated to an open and transparent dialogue with the community on all issues that impact Redmond. In preparation for 2023, I and all the members of the new City Council are attending an orientation retreat on December 3rd so we can all hit the ground running in January.

I, along with the new City Council, invite Redmond residents and business owners to attend upcoming City Council meetings, in person or virtually.  Details for attending these meetings and specifics on addressing the City Council can be found at

City Council meeting agendas, minutes and videos can be found here:

My family, campaign volunteers and supporters join me in wishing each and every one of you a happy, healthy holiday season and a prosperous 2023.

- Ed Fitch